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Sparkling, pretty roofs aren't just for new houses. Restoring your existing roof can really make a difference to the general aesthetic and curb appeal of your home, not to mention maintaining the integrity of your roof and the ceiling inside.

I offer a range of services to bring your roof back to its former glory, including Repointing, Rebedding and Pressure Cleaning.



If your roof is more than 20 years old, there is a good chance that the ridge-caps have only been bedded and pointed with a mixture of sand, cement, and oxide. Modern pointing compound comes in a wide range of colours, it stays flexible (reducing the likelihood of cracks in the pointing as your house moves over time), and it bonds the edge of the ridge to the tile surface, creating a solid, water-tight bond.



Usually needed if your house is over 50 years old, but in some cases even earlier, when the bedding is crumbly or is simply too cracked and deteriorated to be able to point over. When rebedding - all of the ridge-caps are removed, along with the old mortar, and then a fresh batch of mortar is made up so the ridges are able to be rebedded.


The results really do speak for themselves. Your mossy, lichen-covered roof of indeterminable colour can be transformed into something beautiful that even you won't recognize. Whilst the best results are achieved on terracotta tiles, pressure cleaning will do a great job on any surface. 


If your valley iron is getting old and rusty, I can replace it with a galvanised steel or colour-bonded valley iron which will not only look great, but maintain the integrity of your roof for longer.


‘Sarking’ is a waterproof membrane with insulate properties that I can install between the battens and the rafters on your roof. The most common use-cases for this are -installing underneath a spreader, or spill-out valley, all the way down to the gutter line. Another case is when a roof goes is what we call a flat pitch (under 19 degrees) In this case there is too much water for the flat pitch to handle. Often there are leaks particularly when a roof goes from a standard pitch into a flat pitch. I use Bradford Thermoseal.


Summer in Perth doesn't always bring storms. But when they do come, they come hard.
Rest assured that in an emergency, I am available to help out. You might also like to be pro-active by having me come out and do a safety inspection on your roof before a storm comes along. The most common cause for concern is the condition of your ridge pointing. If you see large cracks in the mortar or the pointing, it is definitely time that you have it pointed with flexible cement to keep those ridge-caps secure! 


If you've thought about extending your home out to create more space in the home, you know you'll also need a new roof to cover that extension. I can give you a fair, competitive quote to supply and install the roof tiles, with the surety of high quality workmanship and materials.


You can save yourself money and keep your home safe from damage by properly maintaining your roof. Granted, you can do these tasks yourself. But, if you are time poor or physically unable, I offer some roof maintenance services to help you maintain your property.



If you, or your neighbours, have trees nearby your roof, you'll have to regularly clean out your gutters - guaranteed. My gutter cleaning service will take away this headache for you while ensuring that your gutters are safe and operating as they should. Watch out for the summer - fire hazard - and winter - clogged gutters prevent effectual water drainage - months to get the best efficiency out  your gutters.


Cracked or damaged tiles need to be replaced to ensure the integrity of your roof and ceiling inside. The damage is usually caused by hail, expansion and contraction due to temperature and accidental damage by other trades, such as solar panel installers or electricians. If you don't have spare tiles on hand, I can also source them to install at your home.